How to solve 2x+4?


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As the question is stated, there is nothing to solve. The expression could be part of an equation, in which case you might solve for the value of x that makes the equation true. No such equation is shown. (Another answer here assumes you are trying to solve 2x+4=0. That is not the question you have asked.) The expression could be factored as 2(x+2), but you didn't ask for factoring. The expression could be evaluated for some value of x, but you have provided no such value, nor have you asked that it be evaluated. The value of the expression could be graphed. If you wanted that, I suppose you would have asked to see a graph of it.

In short, there is not enough information given so that a reasonable answer can be provided.
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Whats the value of x
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Whatever you want it to be. The expression given places no restriction on the value of x. There is nothing in the wording of the question that places any restriction on the value of x.
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You do. 2x+4=0 then move 4 to the other side 2x=-4 x=-2 so you plug -2 in for x and have 2(-2)+4= 0

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