What Site Could I Go On To Take My GED Exam Online Instead Of Taking It At A School?


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It isn’t possible to take your GED online because it is an exam that is federally monitored by the American Council Education and so all candidates need to be supervised. There is nothing stopping you from studying for the exam at home, though, and if you are well prepared it isn’t a difficult test.

There are three approaches to studying for the GED at home. The first one means using the GED prep books that are readily available and will cover all the information that is likely to appear on your exam. These books also have practice exams in them so that you can get an idea of what to expect with the real thing. Amazon or public libraries are good places to look for these books.

The second approach to studying for the GED is through your local public television station. Many of them show courses that cover the GED, which is great if you are more of a visual learner. You can get details by checking out local TV listings.

The third is the good old Internet; there are many GED courses available online, from the basic interactive study guides to the more involved ones that have online tutors to help. These ones are obviously more thorough and they will even include periodic tests to make sure that you understand everything, though these courses could cost as much as going to a training center.  Through taking a course through home, you will be able to get your family to test you on some of the questions that you are likely to encounter in the test - getting one-to-one support on some of the areas you are weak on.
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I have studied for one year I'm ready now is there one site I can can test for ged today
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Pennfoster (www.pennfoster.com) is a accredited online school where you can get a ged or diploma.
Many jurisdictions won't issue a GED unless it is proctored / supervised by someone they trust. Check the accreditation of any online test before your spend the money.

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