How Do I Write A School Short Play?


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A worthy and noble thing to do, school plays are wonderful ways of students and pupils to develop themselves, without the traditional curriculum:

First of all, Think traditional structure:


What happens in the story of the play in the beginning (what gets the story going?), what happens in the middle (what adventures prevent the main character getting what they want), what happens at the end (how does the main character(s) (how do they finally achieve their goal and what happens because of that).

Next, who are the main characters? Who is the protagonist - the main character who changes the most during the course of the play? The main question is why do they want it and what do they do to get it?

Once you get going, it's important to keep writing in sessions until you finish. You simply can't get anywhere by editing all the way or as you go.

The title should sum up the entire piece and preferably be short and catchy!

There's not much space here for help. If you need further help, I am happy to assist as a professional playwright at [email protected]

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