What Is Performance Appraisal? Write A Short Note On 360 Degree Appraisal?


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Performance appraisal is the employee appraisal method which helps in the evaluation of the job performance on the basis of the quality, quantity, cost and time. Performance appraisal can help in the career development of the employees. Some objectives of performance appraisal include the feedback on the performance of the employees, recognition of employee training needs, and employee assessment etc.

360 degree feedback is also known as multi-rate feedback and in this performance appraisal a comprehensive feedback about the employees comes. 360 degree performance appraisal comes from the people who are in direct contact with the employees and can provide valuable insights and information. There are four integral components of 360 degree appraisal and these components include self appraisal, Superior’s appraisal, Subordinate’s appraisal and Peer appraisal.

360 degree appraisal

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