How To Write A Thank You Note To Employer For Performance Appraisal?


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A performance appraisal should describe the employee's performance and explain how they can improve. So in the thank you letter, you should include information about how you can improve on your performance to make it even better, so that it would benefit the company. Also you should write about how determined you are, so that your employer is sure that he or she has made the write decisions about you. Your thank you letter is a chance for you to strengthen your position in the company, so maybe you should write about what your future plans are and what you hope to achieve while you are at the company and that you will try your best to for fill your dreams.

The presentation of your letter is very important as it will give also give an impression of who you are to your employer, so if it has a lot of mistakes in it your employer might see you as a very careless person  who doesn't check their work, therefore you must check your letter or get someone else to check it over for you for mistakes. Your letter can be handwritten, for a more friendly approach, or typed, for a more professional approach, however if your handwriting is hard to read type it. You should start the letter off with 'Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss 'last name'' and then a new paragraph and you should use a single space between every new paragraph. Your first paragraph should explain why you are thanking them, for example you could say that your confidence has been boosted after receiving the performance appraisal, and it should start with 'I would like to...' and not 'Thank you for...'. The second paragraph should explain how you are going to use the comments given to improve and how grateful you are for the comments given. Also you should be modest and write about how you just doing your job and you could not have done so well without your team or partner and that you have enjoyed every moment working for the company. In your last paragraph you should again explain your thankfulness. Finally you should sign it off with 'Best Regards' and then your signature, preferably handwritten, underneath.
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Performance appraisal thank you note

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