How Do I Write A Report On Your Short And Long Term Goals?


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Writing a report on your short and long term goals can be very easy if you follow the following simple guidelines. Firstly always keep in mind as to who the report is prepared for. This will help you to frame it in a manner that will be most advantageous to you.

Next prepare a brief outline of what you want to incorporate in your report. Start with an introduction and end with an effective conclusion. A good report will have an index and will always start with acknowledgements - thank your company for the opportunity here.

While writing your short and long term goals- you must keep in mind the following tips. Have a lot of headings and as far as possible list your goals in point-by-point format. The essay style of writing will not be as effective in this case. Always do your best to stick to the truth as much as possible – untruthfulness is often caught and the consequences may be ugly.

Lastly, make a rough draft and then fine tune it - check it carefully for typos and wrong spellings.

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