Why Are School Buses Painted Yellow?


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Yellow school buses were first used in the United States in 1939. The bright yellow colour of these buses serves to make the buses visible among other vehicles, to draw attention to the fact that they carry children and thus to ensure that people exercise extra caution and drive safely when behind such a bus. The uniform, yellow colour makes it much easier to recognize the bus, and it has, indeed, become a symbol of schools and young children. The standardized colour of school buses in the US was at first referred to as "National School Bus Chrome." Later, however, the name was changed to "National School Bus Glossy Yellow."

It is especially important that school buses are visible, as they often take children to school early in the morning, when it may still be partially dark outside. This is especially the case during the winter months. It also tends to be dark by the time the last child is dropped off in front of his/her house at the end of the school day.
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School buses are yellow because they confirm to the rules and regulations set by the law. Precautionary measures are being adapted and implemented.

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