How To Write A Letter To A Friend Talking About Your School?


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Well, to give you ideas about things to write about (when writing about your school) how about:

- your teachers
- the subjects you take
- the subjects you like
- the subjects you don't like
- how you get to and from school
- how far away you live from your school
- what you do at break times
- your favourite place to hang out at school
- your favourite teacher
- how often you have holidays
- your friends at school
- what time you start and finish school
- what you wear to school
- what you normally eat at break times
- any school trips you have been on recently

Hope that helps you a bit!
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I want write letter to telling about my school carnival please help me the should at least three paragraph
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Hmmm, maybe by telling a person how your school is ang what you wish to have.

For example a lift in your school.
Tell your friend about the disadvantages and advantages having a lift
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Can anybody help me by telling me what I can tell my friend about my secondary school that I went 2 after I graduated. I just graduated, if that helps.

Thanks to anyone who answers this question =)
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Are you looking more for the format, or contents, as ocforlife contributed? Ocforlife pretty much covered content, but if you need, I can help you with format...

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