Why Are School Uniforms Bad?


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Yes just because of all of the problems that they cause.
-kids take advantage of them
-some are very expensive to buy
-people get bord of them
-don't get to express there own style
-some look really bad
-some kids allergic to to the fabric
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Eww!! School uniforms have no sence of meanig!!! You can't evan express your personallity with them! Besides their ichy.
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Well Kids will always find a way to make a uniform noticeable.
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I feel that they are a good idea. Uniforms can be a sense of pride of belonging of something positive. Our armed forces, our police and firefighters just to name a few. The only uniform that really should be avoided is a prison one.
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I don't think they are bad but some younger kids might think they are but there not they help people if you get lost
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They aren't. It is mainly kids that say they are. That isn't the truth. The good thing about them is that they keep kids from standing out in a negative way with the clothing that is worn in today's day and time. Much of this clothing is scanty, and thin, or hanging most of the way off the bum. The gang stuff that is worn is a terrible thing to look at in a school. So I totally understand the need for wearing uniforms. Hope this helps, good luck.

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