Why Do Children Show Bad Behaviour At School But Good Behaviour At Home?


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Mabey kids are being mean to him at his school you can talk to him and see what is goin on.
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I think at home your child knows there will be a consequence.At school it's not the case now a days.They learn that really fast.They also get attention and quite a bit of power when they can make a teacher stop a lesson to give them attention.It's also control for them.Most parents as well as myself don't really want to see ourselves as maybe a bit over controlling with our kids.The bad thing about this is it doesn't teach our kids to control themselves without an external force being there.Thats why they are great around us because they know we will be there controlling force.The bad thing that I found is schools are unwilling to help change any of this because usually your child is quite smart in school subjects.
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Because children have to vent there bad behavior at school or home but some choose either way because the can not be good at both.
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I think that not all students do things like this. There are some who are well mannered at home as well as in school, but there are other rare cases. About those children who don't behave well in school, I don't think so its bad behaviour. It's their childishness when they mix with other fellows, they do some naughty things. They mostly keep it to some level and at home there is no one to mix with and do such things.

There are some children who behave really badly at home but not in school, who have some attention problem there. Perhaps their parents did not focus much on then or they don't know the way to treat them or something of the sort. In school they have good company and they behave well.

I think that children don't much of anything. It's our home environment which teaches them. If the environment is good and friendly, the children will be sophisticated.
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They do so because they don't want you to know that they're being bad at school. Trust me I'm 11 and I'm the same thing, I'm so truthful that I can say this. They also think that if there not bad and don't swear then there going to be disliked, and so unpopular. Basically its called peer pressure.
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It is very simple logic which is that children want to stay at home because home is sweet home. For example they play at home and their Dad and mom is also in home and that's why they like home. Now talk about the school, you know they have to read and sit for hours without their family members so I think that's why they don't like school.

All these reason show us why children love home and prefer to live home.
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Perhaps she is showing off or seeking attention. It's hard to being one of a small family suddenly to be in a large class. She might be struggling a little with the subjects so help at home is good. On the other hand she might be too intelligent for the class and she is finding it boring. Ask her what she thinks and you may get the answer.
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Bad behaviour at school can manifest itself in many ways. Bullying a classmate, using foul language on campus, stealing a classmate's stationery or lunch or not doing your homework are all acts of indiscipline.

Children break the rules at school because they can outnumber the teacher. The ratio of the number of students in a class to the teacher is usually between 25 and 40 is to one. Teachers are unable to control bad behaviour on the part of their pupils to a large extent. In the United Kingdom, a policy has been framed by the government which governs the profession of teaching.

On the other hand, the parents are able to deal one-to-one with their children and punish them for misbehaving at home. Parents are respected and feared, but the teachers are often mocked.
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When children go to school and involve with their class mates , they starts to feel their value and they want to find a place for them.
And since the bad behaviour is noticed, they become bad to be famous in the school.
But in the house they avoid the bad behaviour,so they show themselves in the right position.
Ans it's just like that I guess !
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I think it is coz at home they r free and they can do anything. And in school they have 2 focus and work for ages and they can't do want and follow rules and sometimes pupils may start behaving badly coz they might have a problem at school or it can be jus being lazy and can't be bothered coming 2 skwl and things like that..

As they go to school unwillingly their behavior becomes worse and when they come back home, they feel relaxed because they get some free time to play and marry making and affections of their parents. This is what the reason of their bad behavior at school and good behavior at home.
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I think they do this because unlike yrs ago there are little if any consequences the teacher or the school can give without being charged with childabuse.Most times a parent isn't even aware things have gone on in school till months later.Not at all a way to stop negative behaviour.
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Hi...Well I think that your child is bad at school n good at home coz he is getting much attention or he would be not much confident in class I mean he would be somewat shy...or his teacher is not paying attention on him much coz usually happens some teachers take care of children they like or who r brilliant coz this makes them easy to teach n never pay good attention on other just have to do is encourage your child about his work...he just need to be encouraged...this will be benefical in the way that he will be more interested in studies & to get teachers attention...hop m not wrong....tis is what I think that every person can do everything juzz needs encouragement...
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Children show bad behavour at school as at the home they get beaten up so the children blame it on the place the would like to stay to keep away from their parents but the reason the behave at home is because they are afraid to misbehaive as the will get betten up !
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I think   the students feel insecurity (sometime) because due to the   reasons like good friends ,ignored by teachers,ragging was also a part in today's life. So,they started   panicked from the school and nobody   tried to understand their problem.
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Because kids r most likely a fraud of parent of at school they don't have a right to touch that child
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Maybe, parents beat there kids at home, than the children have all that anger and take it to school.
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Very few children are keen to take interest in studies and going to school in a good mood and fashion. Usually children feel that this is a very tough job to do and they do this job unwillingly. Mostly parents remain worried to look for the solution to this problem. Anyhow they manage it some way or the other. Now we take your question that why do children show bad behavior at school but good behavior at home, can be explained in the following manner.

As I told you school going is not an interesting job for the children because there they have to remain discipline and study classes and in this seven to eight hours time of their day is gone. There they get a hell of schoolwork, which they have to do in the evening. As they go to school unwillingly their behavior becomes worse and when they come back home, they feel relaxed because they get some free time to play and marry making and affections of their parents. This is what the reason of their bad behavior at school and good behavior at home.
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What about the children that act bad at school and really don't want to do their school work so they say they will do better if they are home schooled. So the parent (single parent by the way) does this, but does not spend much time with the child, and assumes the child is doing his work. The child is an abusive disrespectful boy who knows that being at home he will get his own way, and that he can talk his way out of assignments, and lie about missing work.

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