Why Can't Children Choose If They Want To Go To School Or Not I Mean School Is Boring And Children Should Be Allowed To Decide?


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It is the parents' responsibility to assure the continuation of their cultural norms and values into the future. This is done through some sort of education process for children. It is most effective if it is respectful of individuals and if children accept the process as a normal and natural one.

In modern times, we have delegated much of that responsibility to The State. Unfortunately, the theory and practice used by The State makes the process anything but respectful of individuals or normal and natural. A responsible parent will recognize the effect of their delegation decision on a child, and take appropriate corrective action--perhaps allowing the child to have input into the process.

Many parents have been raised in this system and know no better than to let it take its toll on their children as it did on them.

Some children drop out or run away. Some educate themselves to the alternatives, then educate their parents. The Teenage Liberation Handbook is one of many books that can help.
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It depends on the social life, as for having a good future, children have to go to school, in order to have a good education so the juniors don't understand that going to school is important for them.

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