Why is it so boring to go to school?


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Hi Nidhi, well some of its boring, boring, boring, and a a great bit yawn, but you can make it different. What are you good at ---- anything you like, what do you want to do differently and as a result of getting good grades at school, how good would that be, to be able to go on and make new friends. I don't know how old you are, yes its the pits - boring at times when we have to work hard, but heh, do you do sports, do you do music, do you do something that you are really good at, we all have something, that not quite so the BIG BORE. GOOD LUCK
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Arun Bera
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Hey i am good in making friends but don't know why some wonderfull peoples never folow me...but don't worry one day...i will be able to make them my friend!
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That's the way schools simply are. Boring and dull. But it's worth it. You will realize in the long run. :)
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Because its something youre forced to do and not something that you really want to do

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