Where do you usually go when you need to focus or concentrate on a creative project?


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About 15 months ago, I was a very distressed, restless person. I attended a disciplinary program in Northwest Arkansas. There we spend the majority of the year that I was there, way out in the deep woods and hills. This is where I found myself. I discovered the real Noah and became connected to those woods in a way that I will never understand. I'm a writer, so I live for creative projects. Any opportunity I can get my hands on, I make my way out into the woods. I'll sit down against a tree, lean back, close my eyes, take out my pen and paper, and let the thoughts flow.

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Lily Bradic
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Thanks for sharing, Noah - I'm also a writer! There's a small patch of trees behind my house, and I often take a flask of coffee and sit out there to think, write and get ideas. There's a large lake and lots of woodland on my university's campus, too, and sitting beside the lake, surrounded by trees, is always a really peaceful place to write! I'm not a very outdoorsy person, but I do agree with you on this.
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It can be anywhere for me. I can write anywhere , it depends on my mood. I'm normally in the need for a more arty and creative space. I like to express my writing through art if you understand what I mean.

I normally sit in my bedroom and think up any ideas that come to my head and there you have it! In 2 minutes I have written a poem. Stories and novels take me longer obviously but I don't have a specific place to feel more focused. Its mainly based on how I feel. If I feel expressive enough I could write in really random places. One time I was in a taxi and seeing everyone rushing and getting on with their lives intrigued me... Afterall why were there people so immersed in their daily duties? Why could they now relax? The questions flow and so does my pen!

I have a database full of things I wrote from an early age, its fun keeping it all and it brings back the scene in where you wrote it. Nature isn't my best friend, I don't like sitting down by a tree and seeing all the wonderful nature around me and then write! That just sounds boring to me, its not my style. Instead I'll go explore hidden meanings in things. If I see a billboard outside of a model in nice lavish clothes and full on make-up etc , I'll write about the expectations of beauty and the different meanings it has to all of us.

Thats it really , hope I didn't bore you!

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