Do You Have Any Creative Project Ideas?


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Maybe You Should Start With The Most Simple For Now , Maybe like A New Tourism Hot Spot For People Who want to Visit Jordan .
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Since you have not mentioned the specific segment in Jordan where you want to initiate new ideas therefore I will be giving business ideas as general. Why not you do detailed analysis of Jordan market and initiate a product idea. As a part of marketing project, once we recommended to launch Disney Theme Park in Singapore. In Jordan, you can recommend or re-launch the tourism strategy in the country as a whole. You can also launch some product such as nestle flavored water, an icecream brand which is available in international market but not in the country.
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Excuse me, I'm really sorry but for people who think jordan has nothing and is only desert are retarded. We have ice cream here, thanks.
And you should come over here and experience it for yourself, its amazing and its so much different than you think it is.
It would be good if you came here and we could show you around so you can actually see how it is here:)

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