As some of you may know, I enjoy creative writing. Most of my work is kind of fantasy/adventure but I recently had an idea for a horror story. As a newbie to the genre, do you have any tips for me?


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Horror stories don't have to be about blood and gore. Read some of Dean Koontz's books for example. I found this about writing horror from one of the old masters, H.P. Lovecraft. Very interesting. Hope it helps you out. I read good horror all the time.

H.P. Lovecraft Gives Five Tips for Writing a Horror Story, or ...

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Personally, I find horror the toughest genre to write in.

All fiction relies on the reader "suspending their disbelief" and allowing themselves to imagine the story in their head as if it were real.

Because a genre like horror often involves unfamiliar situations and subject matter like the paranormal, it is sometimes difficult for a reader to imagine themselves in the shoes of the protagonist.

In order to overcome this, one trick you could try out is to occasionally drop in subtle details that help ease the reader into forgetting they're reading a piece of fiction.

The more specific your details are, the easier it is to believe the world could be real.

For example, describing sensations or feelings in a way that people can relate to... Hairs standing one end when you feel frightened through to the specific steps you'd go through to make a cup of tea, including these types of details makes any type of fiction more believable.

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