What Is The Importance Of Math In Our Life?


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Math, as seen by many school aged children and even some adults, is considered boring and useless.  There are many areas in life where math can help you, I found out the hard way and figured out that it was the simple stuff I had gotten stuck on and once that was in place, everything else came into view.  You can see examples of math in use daily with all aspects of building, finance industry, all areas of management, clerical and other customer facing jobs.  Even if all calculations are done for you wherever you go, you still have to balance a budget, save money, pay bills, no one is exempt from these tasks. 

It’s common to hear children say things like "I’m going to be the ‘big boss’ like my Dad, I don’t need math.”  I’d suggest showing that child every example of where math was required to complete a task or project first at home and then if desired, in work decisions.  When mom planted that garden, there was math involved or when dad submitted that bid for a contract, math again was heavily involved.  Any way you look at it we use math daily. 

Those in impoverished situations can generally trace the causes back to choices they made.  Choosing to lease the newest car every year despite your company’s shaky situation in the current market and then being shocked and dismayed when you got laid off, losing your car in the process.  ‘Doing the math’ consistently and effectively in regards to your finances is crucial to your daily life.  Those who know this go farther, faster. 

Knowing math and how to use it in daily life will by no means protect you from all possible pitfalls but it does go a long way in minimizing them.

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You need math every day. The uses for basic math are obvious; just shopping or balancing a checkbook.

I never thought I needed calculus or advanced math when I graduated. Then I bought a house. I had to calculate the volume of a swimming pool, and as you know pools are not exactly cube shaped so it's not a simple LxWxD equation. When I landscaped, I had to survey my own yard to get everything placed right. Even just putting a fence in requires geometry and angles.

I breed small pets for a hobby. I use probability when calculating the genetics. People want pretty colored pets, not 20 all-brown ones. Punett squares and probability make this possible!

Probability is also fun to study if you're into casino games like blackjack.

I'm a bit of a geek and I like to figure things out. I like to watch my gas mileage change with improvements I make. I like to track stocks. Accelerations in change = derivatives.

For a hobby I like to take photos. Math is *essential* to get the technical aspect of photography right. There's also some math I have to use when you're adjusting digital photos for print.

Math can be very useful, and the people who don't understand it get left behind in the world.
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Mathematics plays an important role in our daily life. Everywhere it is used, whether it is our home, school or office. Without it we cannot do anything. For example:- if we go to market, we are having rupees but we don't know how much it is, then whats the use of that rupees?
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Dear Asmita ! I think you belongs to India or Pakistan but i suggest you to use word money or currencies in this type of answers or in any other sentence . But if you are saying about a particular currency so you must use the name , well i like your answer so i am voting you . I belong from Pakistan . From where you belongs to .
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The study of math plays a very important role in our daily life. Firstly, all subjects are linked with maths like physics, statistics, chemistry and even biology. Secondly, maths is used in architecture and designing. Thirdly, maths is used in all businesses like in banking, offices, workplaces etc. All financial aspects of the businesses deal with mathematical concepts. In making home budgets and regular money calculations of maths are used. Auditors use maths in making calculations and all important decisions of company are based on the results derived through maths concept.

A beautiful article:  importance of maths in our lives
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Math is a very important thin to our life .It helps you in all your problems in life like when you didnt even study you'll still have a job that you can work on like a cashier that all
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To have knowledge. Even if you don't have a job or career that will use the complex formulas and stuff, basic knowledge. If you have children and they need help with homework you'll be able to help them. It would be a little embarrassing if you aren't able to help
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Without maths, our whole life is meaningless. Our earth is maths, our universe is maths, even we ourselves are maths. Without maths, we can't even bear to live, in short, we can't live.
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It is important so we are not cheated financially by others who want to take advantage, it is also important in cooking especially when we need to weigh and measure certain ingredients before we actually start to cook. Without learning maths, a person would find it difficult to tell the time.
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In My opinion :- math is helpful in everything around us some examples of daily use of maths in our daily life :
- In your company they need maths to count how much you going to get paid for the extra time you stayed at work .
- In your bank account they do tons of math equations for you daily.
- your insurance .
- your visa .
- your car . < calculations for the change of tiers , oil , fuel .. Etc >
... Etc.. There is much more uses for math in our daily life .
Maybe without it we wont be able to communicate , buy , sell , use ,produce , move , or even live .
Its much more complicated and the point of view differ from 1 person to another.
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Let me explain with an example..
  You get $500 from your father for the expense of one month.
As you do not have calculation knowledge,
you are asking your friends help to calculate the average amount could be spent everyday out of it.
He likes to fool you and suggested you that, you can spend $50 everyday. Following your friends calculation for 10 days,
you are helpless now!

If you know mathematical calculation, you will not be fool...
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Get high marks in the exam, be admitted  to a nice university  and find a good job, that's all I think

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