What Is The Importance Of Fractions In Our Daily Life?


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The clock ("a quarter 'till").
Electricians (gauge/length of wires).
Plumbing (thickness of pipe, diameter of pipe, length of pipe).
Carpenters (thickness/length/width of wood).
Engineers (just math equations).
Metal fabrication (length/width/guage of metal).
Taxes/budgeting (obvious math involved).
Cooking (measurements like HALF a cup...).
In your car (miles PER hour, miles PER gallon).
Paying for things in general (1 penny is 1/100 of a dollar, writing out checks.)
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The fraction is important in doing our estimates... It's important in selling, cooking, making time boundary, answering questions like how far is a place, etc..
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Cooking, measuring, telling the time and building
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Baking...following a recipe.  You use 1/4 and 1/3 etc.
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We use fractions for everything in life and oh by the way try to answer this your self
your probably going to copy it down on some test

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