What Is The Importance Of Research In Our Daily Life?


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We all carry out research regularly, though we don't always know that this is what we are doing. Especially now with the internet, most of us look up different products, holiday options etc every day - we research most things before we buy them or join them or whatever. We also look up information - for example, you hear about a news item on the radio and then look it up to find out more.
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I research many things before I make a purchase. I have had dogs in the past with health issues. One of them was repeatedly misdiagnosed and when I did the research and asked for a certain test he was finally correctly diagnosed. He had pancreatitis. Because it went on so long he had permanent damage done and had to be on managed care for the rest of his life and still had a couple of flairs each year.

Four years later he developed a tumor on his spleen and it was bleeding. The vet told me he had anywhere from a day to a month to live. I cried for the first couple of days, but then it hit me I was depriving him by not making those days special. Once I calmed down and did the research. I found there was an herbal supplement that some people were using. I started giving it to my dog. He lived for 20 more months. And almost everyday of them was a good day. His pancreatitis bothered hm more than the tumor.

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My rescue Basset was diagnosed with pancreatitis years ago and I started with a special diet for him right off and he has been doing well ever since.
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I hade him on a diet, but sometimes my hubby decided he felt bad for him and would give him a "special treat", like the pepperoni off his pizza. After a couple of $700 vet bills that stopped.
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I have to watch that when my ex-wife comes over as she'll give him things. I've restricted that to just pieces of bread.
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what is the importace of  research in daily life.

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