What Is The Real Use Of Mathematics In Real Life?


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There are lots of real uses of mathematics in our life. All the mathematics terms base on counting.
Today our all businesses base on counting. There is no concept of business without mathematics.
Before the mathematics rules people use barter system. They give there goods to others and take the goods from other people. But this system can not continue longer when need of humans increased day by day.
We cannot deny the importance of mathematics in our daily life. When we got to shop to purchase some thing we need mathematics.
When some one comes to our shop to purchase some thing we need calculations.
But the most important use of mathematics in our technologies can not be contradicted. Our most of the system base on computers and all the computer technology are stands on mathematical rules. All computers work on binary code, code of zero and one.
So we cannot deny the importance of mathematics in real life.
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How do mathematics do to move toward to the academic excellence and technology? What do you yhink?
I think it can improve our skills it can make our self more confidence! But some people conscious or in other word they are totally shy to show their talent! But what we know that this is the key to our sucess so dont be conscious to show our talent!
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Mathematics do play a big part in our daily lives. Mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and so on are used in our daily activities. From poor to rich , all have to some how use mathematics in their real lives. Consider a housewife, who has to run her house in the given budget. She divides money according to her needs and estimates about the expenses and then spends it according her range. From the advent of civilization, man learn to count using stones and beads. In the earliest civilization, barter-system was used. Now-a-days, all day to day transactions in a multi-national or national companies involve mathematical operations .
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10 of the uses of maths are:
1. To measure
2. To pay
3. While driving
4. Calculating sales tax
5. Medical measurements
6. Measuring temperatures
7. While cooking
8. In architecture
9. While dividing the pizza equally amongst ourselves
10. While numbering these points =D
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Mathematics is very important and you do not know when you will need them.  I didn't pay enough attention to my maths lessons and I really regret that now.  My first job, I never really needed maths but now I use them everyday in my new job.  Excel is a great place to get a computer to do your maths for you!  But you will use maths when you go to buy fruit from the shop all the way through to checking your bank statements every month.
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If you cook, you use math for the measurements. If you pay for an item and get change, you use math. If you buy lumber to build a house, you must know how much lumber to buy....math again. If you are paid by the hour for a job, in order to know how much money is owed you, you use math. Math is a constant in every day life. If you go to the store and they are having a sale and are selling items at 20% off, you need to use math to find the real cost of the item. You just can't do much of anything without using math. If you tithe at church and give 10% of your salary to God and His house, you must use your math skills to determine how much to donate. And on it goes...math is essential to everyday life.
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Mathematics finds use in the daily life of many people.  This could be for mundane household tasks, or as part of a profession.  Here is a small list:

Balancing a checkbook
calculating expenses
maintaining a family budget
maintaining a business budget
measuring a space for adding/rearranging furniture
measuring wood to be cut in a building project
measuring steel to be placed in a construction project
surveying land
measuring pipe for a number of uses including sewer, conduit, water, etc.

And, somewhat more subjectively, in playing a good game of pool.

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Maths is all around us. It is present in different forms; it is very important that we take note of it. Things are measured or accurate due to maths. Mathematics has a prominent role to play in our daily life. We even didn't realize that maths is involves in every sort of activities. Whenever we pick up the phone, manage the money, travel to some other place, unintentionally in all these things maths is involved.

If we are quick at mental arithmetic, it will help you a lot in saving hundreds of pounds or dollars in the supermarket. And if you have knowledge of statistics it will help you see through the baloney (non sense, lies) in television adverts or newspapers. You can also understand different kinds of information about the football or cricket team. Even simple maths equations are just around us, like spherical shapes of soap bubbles, ripples on the surface of water. Maths help engineer in making different shapes with geometrical shape the structure of the building was not possible. The beauty of maths is not only around us but a strong know how of maths help us in every day life too. Just start looking around you and you will find that how maths is help full to you in your life.
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Well, mathematics is very important in real life because all you've learned during your school days can apply in different ways, such like how to budget in a daily needs and etc.

Without mathematics, living in this precious world is useless.
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Without your knowing it, you are calculating all the time. Judging distance, measuring, balancing and more. When you want to walk to the local market, don't you try to figure the distance, and about how long it will take you to get there and back, or do you drive to the market, and save time.
When you cook, you measure, and even if you don't measure, sometimes you just go by sight and determine if this is the amount that you want. Even with balancing, you determine how much or how little angle is need to keep something, like your body, balanced.
You measure time too, like "how much time do I have available to do the laundry, or make a meal, clean the house before you have to go to work, or go to bed.
You are using math all the time, and you don't really think about it, because it is more frequent than you think. Hope this helps.
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Mathematics is used in Cooking (fractions) decimals (dosing children's tylenol) driving and figuring gas mileage, cash flow and check book balancing, credit card fees and financial planning. Weight / milligram dosing with other medications, Electricians use it for box fill, conduit fill, percentage of amperage. Fees for checking, interest for savings accounts. Family courts child support work sheets. Accounting and payroll for self employment, taxes, auto insurance payouts, percent of discounts, percents of penalties. Amperage and wattages when figuring out utility bills and energy conservation. Such as your own lighting and water bills. Property taxes, write offs based on fractions and percent of use. Automobile leases and down payments, actual payments mileage overages/ buy out value etc. Home mortgages and early pay offs, interest, insurance and equity AND SO MUCH MORE!

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