What Is The Real Use Of Graphs In Our Daily Life? Write An Project?

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Depending upon your job, you could actually be using graphs on a regular basis.

People generally do not use graphs outside of work, however there are several situations that graphs may actually help with a specific task.

  • The use of graphs in the household

Graphs can be used to clearly outline which family members should do what chores on what day. They can show what meals should be cooked and can help construct a shopping list when certain meals are entered into a graph.

Graphs can be used to show which activities will be completed on which day or even how much pocket money will be assigned to each child in the family.

Graphs are particularly useful to keep track of how much money is spent and what it is being spent on. It is recommended that graphs should be used much more frequently in our lives to keep track of our savings and everyday expenditures.

  • The use of graphs in the media

Graphs are also used on TV shows, particularly informative shows and the news, to reveal facts and figures to the audience. Graphs can be used to show weather trends or trends in the economy. They can also be used to reveal sports scores and reveal how particular teams are doing in comparison to other teams.

  • The use of graphs in the workplace

In work-related areas of our daily lives, graphs are used much more predominantly. Anyone who works in sales will use graphs extensively to monitor and analyze sales. Placing information into a graph can clearly reveal where the most money is coming from, what products are selling well and what products are not making enough money. Graphs make all this information stand out clearly and ensure it is easily analyzed.

All businesses aim to make a profit and different types of graphs can clearly display profits and losses. They are particularly useful in demonstrations whereby a speaker is explaining aspects of the business in a meeting.

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