What Do You Mean By Algorithm And What Is Its Use In Our Daily Life?


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The term Algorithm refers to the sequence of steps required for performing some action. All the steps are written in a formal language like English.This term was originated from the field of computer science where the algorithm is used to write the programs before writing them into a programming language. The algorithm is just like a planning which is done before any work to do.

It determines that what we have to perform and in which order for completing the required task properly. The major problem that has to solve is broken down into sub problems and organized such that it will resolve the problem successfully.
In our daily life algorithm plays an important role. As we plan our daily works such that what we have to do, at what time and in which order.
For instance a student plans that:
1. It will wake up at 8:00 am
2. have his/her breakfast at 8:15 am
3. go to school at 8:30 am
4. then comes back from school at 1:00 pm
5. have rest etc

Student plans all these tasks in an order to manage the daily routine.
Thus, orderly management of a work is said to be an algorithm in general sense and all of us use it in our lives to some extent.
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An Algorithm is a step by step procedure to do some work. Yes, It is also helpful in our daily life. Like if we plan to perform some action, then you can pen down its step by step procedure. By doing this you can complete your task very easily.


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