How Do We Use Decimals In Our Daily Lives?


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We actually use decimals all the time in our everyday lives - they seem so commonplace that we don’t even notice we’re using them half the time!

Decimals and Money
Decimals are hugely important where money is concerned.

We have coins for different decimal amounts to make this easier - 1 cent is 0.01, so if you pay $4.75 for something, you’re actually paying 4 whole dollars and 0.75 of a dollar.

Decimals and Art
Artists need to use decimals for many things - there’s the size of the page, the thickness of the pen, and the angle of objects to consider. Art has a lot more to do with math than you might think!

Decimals and Health
Doctors and nurses use decimals all the time - where your health is concerned, it’s important to be accurate, and decimals allow for more precision than whole numbers do. Blood tests often use decimals, and your body temperature and BMI are rarely given in whole numbers, either.

Decimals and Cooking
If you want to make a bigger batch of cookies, the easiest way is to multiply the original recipe.

For example, if a recipe made 10 cookies, but you needed to make 15, you could multiply all the ingredients by 1.5 (for example, 1.5 cups of flour rather than 1 cup) so that your batch would be 1.5 times bigger.

Decimals are also used for the dimensions of cake tins and the sizes of cookies or cupcakes.
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Most math (especially algebra) seems like you will never use it. However, with decimals, maybe one day you will need to check if the cashier gave you the right amount of change or something.
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We use decimals in all sorts of things, like radio stations and stuff.

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