Where do we use factors in our daily life?


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Factors in algebra are used almost all the time outside school! Considering that factors tell you which numbers to multiply to give any given number; seemingly simple stuff like say deciding how many basketball teams one can create from a group of 35 at any one time requires one to use the fact that 5 & 7 are two factors that make 35. Infact, any problem solving that requires you to group, share out, divide and even rearrange patterns/shapes will involve knowing the factors that make up numbers. The biggest advantage (in my opinion) is that every number can be written as a multiplication of  its factors... This way we have the ability split up any number and thus work out who gets how much of whatever!
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If your talking about factors in algebra I never used those outside of school but I'm sure if you become a mathematician you may use them. They are probably also useful in physics. You can use them to find the roots of a function so you know when y will have a value of 0.  It could help you to draw a parabola opening upward or downward.

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