Is It Normal To Get In A Fight Or Almost Get In A Fight Everyday At School?


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It is never a easy time in school . It is normal to have your small little fights , but not every day . Try to stay clear of those kids because they will only get you in trouble too .
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If its fighting with words then yes,if its fist then no.Dude you just need to chillax and calm down.Work it out with those folks and y'all should become friends in no time.Try not to be so mean all the time and people will be nice to you back.try to think positive and act positive.If you act and think negative,people will act negative towards you.Whatever you do just think positive,act positive,be nice,and try your hardest to be nice to others and everything will work out just fine! Hope this helped! :)
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I guess so but you should try to stay out of it. But I suppose you feel like if you don't fight back you'll be thought of as a puff or a wuss or a nerd. It's up to you whether you prefer to be known as the popular one who's great at fighting, or you want to be slightly happier but maybe not quite so happy. Also- are you being bullied? If you are try talking to a trusted adult, eg. A teacher, parent, older sibling etc xxxx
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Well if it's a fist fight then no. If it is verbal then yes! If it is a fist fight then please give me details so I know why your getting in these fights!
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No it isn't even if you are just violent. If you fight every day it means you are just looking for a fight.
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How an earth is it normal to fight with someone everyday? Sure a small squabble over nothing is fine but then again u always get tht one ...who really pushes it..but no fighting everyday is not normal...if u dnt like sum1..(im not sayin h8 cus u guys hav took tht wrd and said it soo many times tht its lost its meaning to it..) then jus pretend they dnt exist...remember u as a person create problems for urself..jus bekus one person is being a fool doesnt mean u join themm..remember wen anger gets the btter of u..u hav already lost the fight..nver let anger take over uu..8) smile in every fight like i wrks wonders! 8)
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Hey Rovert688,
ignore  them, coz if say wat u saying in straight words, they always say u r angry or yelling or fighting with them. Barking dogs need to ignored ,  so is way. Other wise there another option who fucks u fuck them so hard that they never come to you again...

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