Will I get in trouble in school if the principal or teachers find out if I am in a gang, is it against school rules or something that is not normal?


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PJ Stein answered

Most schools cannot do anything about you being in a gang, but will have a dress code barring you from wearing gang colors to school. They also frown upon bringing such activities and gang politics to school. I am sure if you look at your schools webpage you can find all the rules and applicable punishments on there.

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Don Barzini answered

Being a gang member may or may not be against school rules,  but it is certainly against every measure of good sense and rational thought about one's future.

Two things you can be sure of in a gang: you will either die too young or live to regret you didn't choose a better path.

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Yin And Yang answered

Maybe the more realistic answer to your specific question would be "WHEN will I get in trouble with the LAW?" Your school is the least of your worries for trouble being in a gang.

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Tom Jackson answered

Just make sure you have purchased a burial plot and funeral service and written a will.

Then you can say you are a prepared member.

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