Should Children Go To School At Their Own Discretion?


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I really don't prescribe to the view of giving children the choice.  This is mainly because young children do not know what is good for them,  they would love to play and stay at home doing nothing.  This would hamper them in their later life.  They would certainly then push the blame on to the parents who have not forced them to go to School.

Moreover, in the beginning no one likes school, once they start going to School, children start liking it by and by.  Again,every child is special and different and it is up to the parents discretion as to which school the children should be sent. 

There are some schools which stress on academics, studious children should be sent to such schools.  Schools for special children are also there for children with special needs.

Artistic children should be sent to a school which lays stress on fine arts, similarly athletic children should be sent to school which encourages Sports.

It is up to the parents to choose the school according to the need, capability, liking of the child.  His intelligence, likes, dislikes all should be taken into consideration.

But they should not be allowed to think that they have a choice whether to go to school or not!!
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Some arguments for children going to school at their own discretion (ie, when they feel like it):

All children learn at different speeds and in different ways; they will learn more if they feel in control; they should be allowed to specialize/choose their best subjects; you learn a lot outside class as well as in it.

Against this (ie, school should be compulsory):
Children aren't mature enough to decide what's good for them; they would just do the fun stuff and not what they need; teachers couldn't plan the lessons if they didn't know who was coming or what they would study; people need to learn discipline to get through life, which includes learning difficult or boring but necessary material; what would they be doing while not at school?

Whichever side you are on, hope you do well.
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Children should be given the choice.  If the child feels uncomfortable going to school, it means the atmosphere in the school is not good enough.
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They Should Choose
We have a Brain of our own you know
I   am quite happy at home with my study books
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Yes they should. They will enjoy it more if they can choose when or if they go into school.
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If children were given a choice about whether they went to school or not they would never go, therefore would ave no diplomas to get jobs in adulthood

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