What Is The Solution To Indiscipline Among Secondary School Student In Nigeria?


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Indiscipline is a complex subject and one that there is no exact fix for as its causes are just as complex as any cure can be.
There a lot of opinions on ways in which indiscipline can be cured , some are physical and others involve more of a nurturing and caring method.
  • There are a number of behavioral techniques that are adopted to try and curb the issues with school children. One of these is a card system that is very similar to the one used in football. This involves the pupils being given an initial warning, which is then followed up with a red card if dissent should continue.
  • Positive affirming actions for good behavior are also a good way of encouraging children or pupils in schools to be good. This would mean that you encourage good behavior through rewarding it and discourage bad behavior through punishing it. It is hoped that if you can encourage good behavior you will not need to punish very much as people will be trying for the top.
  • The teaching of moral subjects and empathy also discourages indiscipline among young people .These subjects give the young person an insight into what is right and what is wrong and how they should act. It also puts them in the place of the victim and allows them to develop feelings for what is right and what is wrong.
  • Teaching children about the value of friendship and life is a way to ensure that they will appreciate each other more and may also have positive effects on behavior and people as it gives them a larger view of how they should act.
All of these are ways to try and encourage a positive change in the lifestyles of young people in Nigerian secondary schools.
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Government , parents and teachers must work together to curb indiscipline in schools
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Solution to indiscipline in nigeria
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Train head teachers on leadership
teachers to be trained in guidance and counseling
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More provisions of adequate educational facilities.

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