What Is The Cause Of Indiscipline In Schools?


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One of the main causes of indiscipline in school is the lack of discipline and parental guidance as to what is acceptable and non-acceptable behavior. Society as a whole is failing many of today's children by putting incredible demands on their parents.

  • Working Parents
Most families are struggling to make ends meet, resulting in both parents having to go out to work. This gives them much less time to interact with and teach their children right from wrong.

  • Young Parents
Often, parents are themselves barely adults. They are still too young to have the experience and understanding that is required to teach another generation.

  • Hands are Tied
In addition, many new laws and regulations have literally tied the hands of both parents and staff in schools with respect to disciplining children. Although we are in no way condoning the beating of children in any way, the occasional slapped hand will do no harm, but show a very clear line as to what is wrong.

  • Discipline at School
At school, disciplinary actions are usually restricted to short periods of detention and suspension from classes. Great, as a pupil at one school put it. His behavior was down to the fact that he hated school and suspension was exactly what he had hoped for. Some punishment.

  • Society as a Whole
Children are watching their parents struggling and wonder why they should bother. Standards of acceptable behavior seem to have dropped everywhere and the media happily advocates sex, drugs and violence.

Unlike in previous generations, where children earned privileges through good behavior and helpfulness, today's children have everything from the word go and know little about values. No has to mean no, if they can have what they want by shouting loud enough, why should they bother to conform to rules and regulations.
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Low esteem with which teachers are held by the society in these days plus perverse appreciation of the "smart" negative qualities of the students.

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