What Are The Effect Of Indiscipline Among Primary School Pupils?


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The effects of indiscipline among pupils in primary schools can be broadly divided into two main areas, namely educational and work-related, as well as social behavior related effects.

  • Education and Work
A lack of discipline during primary school education can have far reaching effects both in an educational and a behavior related sense. Indiscipline is often manifested during lessons. This results in education being disrupted, making it difficult even for disciplined pupils to learn.

On entering secondary schools, pupils from primary schools with low discipline may subsequently be at an educational disadvantage in comparison with those from disciplined schools. This may lead to lower grades, which in turn may make it difficult to enter higher education, or to find suitable careers. In a behavior related sense, integration into the more disciplined environment of secondary or higher education or a workplace may prove difficult, if not impossible.

  • Social Behavior
Indiscipline in primary schools tends to manifest itself through anti-social behavior, such as disruption of classes, bullying, inappropriate actions such as destruction or theft of other pupil's or school property, refusal to follow instructions, etc. Unless stopped at an early age, this kind of behavior will become the norm and more than likely intensify as the children grow.

Unable to distinguish acceptable from unacceptable behavior, pupils will have problems integrating within more disciplined environments, resulting in resentment and further acceleration of the problem. Ultimately, it may become impossible to achieve adequate education, leading to difficulties in finding or maintaining a work placement or even fitting into society.

In severe cases, resulting to crime may be one of the effects or consequences of indiscipline at an early age. Vandalism, theft or worse are often the direct result of not being taught the difference between right and wrong as a young child.
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The Effects Of Indiscipline Among Primary Pupil, brings about the following
Lack Of Behavioral ControlKeeping Of Bad Friends
Less Knowledge
Child Abuse
Disrespect: Deliberately doing things that will upset a person and go against He/She, Pupils Will Not Acknowledge following facts
Acknowledging the dignity of another.Valuing Humanity.A person's high status.Acknowledging the  significance of another.Do Express his or her true self.Behavioral control are facts that show if or not  there is a right to direct or control things/ people

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