What Do You Think About Indiscipline In Colleges?


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Indiscipline in most of our colleges and schools is on the increase. We can very often witness scenes of indiscipline in our class rooms, playgrounds and in the compounds or on the campuses of our institutions. Indiscipline may be in form of making loud noises or mutual fighting or disobedience of the rules of the intuition in many different ways.

Very often quiet a few senior politicians have behaved in a most indiscipline manner. They have never given thought to the had effects of their irresponsible behavior on young minds. They have even tried to use students as tools to gain their ends.

In fact, a vast social environment on the part of all well-educated and able people is needed to do the above. We cannot solve the problem of indiscipline in colleges and schools by mere improvement in their working. The whole society, the machinery of government, are involved in the delicate process of student's control.

We should not import harmful films and books having bad effects on character. Our films and television and radio programs should aim at improving character.
We should remove the causes of unrest among students. If this is not done, their unrest will go in increasing.
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Nowadays, more and more youth become indiscipline. Many cases occurred in colleges, workplaces resulted by the people's indiscipline.
What's the reason? That is the overindulging from the parents. In 21th century, the kids became treasure when the planned parenthood set. Because the couples can only have one kid so they have so big dreams on their children that they answer all the requirements from their children without think more about whether the requests are proper or not. Under such an egocentric circumstance, the children become indiscipline when they step into the colleges or the society, as they have customer to the unrestricted way of life.
The people who are indiscipline are self-centred. So they can hardly make friends with others. And the people who are indiscipline are haughty for their parents used to treat them as princess or emperor. So when they enter the complicated society, they will be easily defeated. In short, being indiscipline is no good for everyone, it will bring you failure, depress,etc.
But anyway, everything is possible. You can try to transform yourself to a better image in order to make a more beautiful and happier life!
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Well it is really been very sad that some students of some colleges are very bad when it comes to discipline. I think the main reason for this may be that as they move to colleges from schools they suddenly find a new environment to which they are not adapted. Normally there is a big difference between the school and college environment. In school there is much strictness as compare to college. You are asked for each and every thing at school but in college this is not being the case. So the majority of the students can not keep themselves bound to the discipline of the colleges because they think as if they have been here to do what they could not do in the school and they develop sort of feelings that they are less here for study and more for fun. Because the authorities do not force you to be in class, so it all depend on you whether you attend it or not. Here also I would like to add that as the minds are not fully mature so this also put a negative impression on a pre-mature student how to maintain his study and other activities and how to keep a good balance between them.

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