Why Is Unrest Among Students Common?


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Unrest among students is definitely very common and there are a number of reasons for it.

It could be due to their age, when they get hyper due to nothing and are depressed due to no special reason. Other than that, there could be pressure from the school. Studies are no joke and even those students who don't study hard get bothered by the thought of an exam or a test. Fine ,since they don't study so they have a good reason to be bothered but even the intelligent ones are bothered because they want to do very well.

Then at time you see students falling in and out of love, have family issues, financial issues, difficult assignments etc. All of these things cause unrest and almost every student faces this problem.

Its just a very common thing and should not be taken as something that could be threatening. But it is important for students to have a healthy life style. If there is unrest then they should get into some extra-curricular activity to release the unrest or anxiety that they are facing.This is a very good way of using the energy that could turn negative if not utilized properly.
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Student unrest can be seen in many countries of the world today. In almost all of the democratic countries students show at times their unrest through strikes, processions and demand of different kinds.

Reason of unrest among students in their interest in active politics. Some of them work for political parties. Students favouring different political parties, student favouring different political parties even openly clash and fight which causes great deal of unrest. Bad social and economical conditions are very much responsible for student unrest. For example , large scale unemployment sets them thinking that their studies and degrees may not very well help them in
getting employed.

There is overcrowding in most of our educational institutes. Teachers have to teach very large classes, they cannot pay attention each student to remove his difficulties. Harmful films, novels, magazines and pictures about crime and sex have disturbing effects on young minds. Films and TV programs about the artificial life of rich and showy people make us uneasy and restless. There should be many more educational institutes to avoid overcrowding. Then there should be really able and efficient and well paid teachers. This will helps in solving unrest among students. Students should be able to get employed after the completion of their studies.
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it is common because a lot of teachers give a lot of research works, assignments, reports and projects that should be passed on the next day. What should an ordinary student do to cope up with these? Simple - they sleep late just to finish them. They have to wake up early in the morning. They didn't have a good sleep so they become restless.

The other thing is that the older you are the more fun you want and the more school works you get. Of course if a student does all work and doesn't have any fun time it could result in a mental break down. So the student also has to put aside school works and have fun. When the due date comes near then that's the time that they'll work on it and they would be restless and tired.

They're only common to students because, unlike students, adults get paid for their hard work while students aren't - yeah maybe the happiness that you fulfilled something is the pay but most students think that that's just bullshit ... so that's why..

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