Caning Is The Solution To The Decline Of Discipline Among Students


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@Galt54: Sorry for my late answer. I live in Germany, and the cane is in schools forbidden since many years; nowadays corporal punishment is totally abolished. But I think it should be reintroduced, and the cane would be the best implement for school and for parental corporal punishment. Students should be caned in front of class on their seat of trousers, parental canings at home should given on bare bottom.
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I think that caning students in school, especially secondary school, would be a good thing. Students used to be subject to the cane in school here in Sweden up until the late 1950s, when corporal punishment in the schools was abolished. Since then the rate of crime, especially of violent crime, has sky-rocketed here in Sweden. Today, it happens several times a year that teenagers threaten their own teachers with knives in school. Nowadays the teachers are more afraid of the children than vice versa!
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I absolutely agree with Galt54. Bring the cane back in our schools, many things would be better.
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Thank you for agreeing with me. Can you tell me which country you live in (Great Britain maybe?).
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Here is one from Erin Pizzey who works with victims of domestic violence: "You can't beat children better."
You could also make the point that you can't teach people violence is wrong by hitting them.
Also: What do you do when the student is as big as the teacher?

Finally I would suggest that other forms of punishment are more effective, such as making the person do something constructive to atone for bad behaviour.

For further quotes, try looking up the late child psychologist Alice Miller on any search engine - she made a detailed study of this topic.

Good luck with the debate.
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Canning is not the way to give punishment to the students. If the child is intolerable then the concrete steps should be taken to correct the child. The punishment can be given but beating is not the solution. First and foremost step is counselling. Create confidence in the child by showing trust in him and highlighting his good qualities.

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