What Are The Effect Of Dropping Out Of School?


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There are many ill effects of dropping out of school. Obviously the first is that the person dropping out will not be as well educated thus it will make it harder to get a good job because the employer will see the drop out and think that person gives up on what they do and doesn't care about his or her future in the world nor their place in society as a contributor to what humans do. Furthermore there is the social aspect, especially in high school, I'm not talking about popularity either. I'm talking about the ability to socialize in normal settings and the development and growth in social skills. Lets face it, high school is where we do the most socializing with the largest group of people. So, if we drop out then we miss out on the development of those social skills which are crutial to job interviews, meeting new people, relationships, and much much more. I hope this answer helps and if your thinking of dropping out of high school or college is suggest you don''ll regret it. Hope it helps.
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The long term could be the inability to get a good job (career) and I think that covers a lot. Can't provide for yourself or your family as good as you could if you finished your education. It's all about self-betterment. What do you want to do in your future? If you ask honestly I think you already know the answer.
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You'll be a dumb bum
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You wont get a gud job, lose chances of being sucs eful, and ru-ion a lot of chances n life 4 you :( @[email protected]
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Depending onthe person for some school isnot suitable they need altunitive education. Eg tafe or home study is more suited
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You'll end up spelling like camcam1234. "dere gramma nd spllin iz teribl." geeez!!!!

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