What Are The Effects Of Media violence on student and there social interaction in school?


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It desensitizes us all.
I don't care if we are talking about kids yet to become adults, or adults currently walking around.
There was a time when if someone got mugged, or raped or even murdered, the whole community would cry out for an  explanation.
Now, we hear about it as we eat breakfast and very few of us are phased.
We play it in our games, we are even told it is patriotic to support our troops.
Don't misunderstand me, our soldiers are not anything to mock, attack, or hate.
They serve a crucial function in this reality we find ourselves in.
I never want to see it like my parents had it, spitting on troops in the Vietnam era, that was deplorable behavior.
But going back to the video games, we mock war, we make it fun, we make it cool, we make it admirable.
War and violence is the ultimate end solution, when cooler heads could no longer prevail, when reason ceased to exist, when all communication broke down.
Death is not a solution, it is an confession of failure paid for in all of our peoples blood.

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