What Are The Effects Of Media In Student Life?


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Media has strong effects on the students which are both positive and negative. Some of these affects are:
- Awareness about different issues
- Helps them in keeping up to date about latest trends and fashions
- Exposes them to unnecessary information
- Exposes them to violence
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When we say students it mostly enlightens the young generation and Media is one of the most effective element to inspire student, Media is providing quality entertainment but the same time it is also being used as one of the biggest "Mind Control" factor.  Actually it depends what category of media you are talking about but on the whole its not leaving any progressive effect.
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The students may get knowledge of the  whole  word and may be they become a good human being in their further life. I also agree to aicha that they may led them to violence but they may learn from them ,not to practices that or else this or thst will happen
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Its depends you how you use media...

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