How Can Student Indiscipline Be Manage?


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I would give power back to the headmaster or mistress to really run the school.

Before pupils were allowed into the school I would call in the parents and they would have to sign up to support the teachers in matter of discipline on the understanding that if their child did not behave they would not be allowed in the school to disrupt others and their chances in life. Detention would be giving without warning - so the parents would know immediately the child was late home from school they were in trouble. This happened at my school when someone picked some peeling paint off the wall in the toilets and the whole school was kept in until the culprit owned up. It was very effective because the guilty person knew the pupils would work out who had been in the toilet before the damage and when it was done. It was either the wrath of the Head Teacher and parents or the whole of the school!

Detentions was for at least an hour to two hours and we had loads of extra homework - plus more to be taken home and completed before the next day - in addition to what we had already been given in glass.

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