What Is School Fatigue?


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Often students suffering from fatigue find the subjects in school boring and meaningless. There is also frustration that comes from having to study too many subjects. Because of disorder in the classroom, some students are insecure and nervous. Still others have problems with fellow pupils. Children from families with differing religious beliefs may frequently find themselves in conflict. Factors such as the foregoing contribute to school fatigue. However, many surveys point to one basic underlying cause—pupils experiencing school fatigue lack motivation for studying. They simply find it pointless. For many years they attend school without getting any practical benefit from much of the material taken up in class.

School fatigue is more common among teen-agers than among younger students. Researchers say that younger children want to learn because of natural curiosity. They are motivated by a desire to imitate what adults do. Usually they find almost everything exciting in school, and are more willing to fit in. After puberty, though, other motivations are needed.

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