What Is The Format Of School Circular?


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  • A school circular can be produced in many different formats. The aim of the circular is to inform parents and students of the certain policies of the school for that year, or any upcoming events that parents may want to attend such as PTA meetings.
  • For example, if a primary school is sending out a circular stating meal arrangements for new students, they will usually state in one of the corners of the page the issue number of the circular as well as the date. They will also create a title in the centre of the page to illustrate what the circular is referring to.
  • Below the title they will usually address the general receiver and then in a paragraph explain briefly the year's plan in terms of meal arrangements. Following that they will list the specific arrangements that the students can take. They may also state what requirements are needed to be met in order for the student to have the certain meal system.
  • In addition, if the school has created certain systems that require initial payments for hot school lunches or perhaps the hiring of lunch boxes, then the fees will be stated alongside the option for parents and guardians to consider.
They will close the circular with a finishing paragraph, which will usually state any dates that the money needs to be paid by. The principal will then complete the circular with their signature.

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