What Is The Format In Writing A Circular?


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First, it is useful to define exactly what a circular is. A circular is said to be an advertisement, a statement or a group letter that is intended for a wide circulation.

Therefore due to the varying forms of a circular it is difficult to be totally specific with a layout without knowing exactly what you intend your circular to be.

If it is for an advert, then the first thing it must be is very eye-catching. An advert needs to grab the potential customer from the start. Next, it must clearly state exactly the message you wish to get across. This could be important information about an event such as the venue, date and time it starts.

If you are trying to sell something, it is important to state where the customer can purchase it and how much it is on sale for. A circular means it will be distributed widely and so it should not contain anything that is too specific to an individual or local area.

When writing a group letter for a circular it is important to clearly address all concerned; make an effort to be sure not to exclude anyone. You should state exactly what your message is and how you wish for the reader of the letter to respond.

A statement is similar to how you would approach the group letter. However, it should be a bit more forward and very obvious exactly what you are trying to say. It should show intent and can be backed up with relevant evidence if need be.
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Internal Circular
Sub: Use of office resources for personal purpose restricted hereafter

Dear All:

Subjected above, it has been observed some employees have been using Office Address for Personal Telephone/mobile as address proof and use of office supplies which has caused tremendous inconvenience to the organization as well as the admin staffs. As a service oriented company there will be some flexibility to some of the Employees, which is purely permitted by their consent Department heads, but not for all with certain terms and conditions.
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Circular no. 01 date;...

DEAR ...!

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What is the fomular for writing an open door circular

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