How To Write Circular Letter With Example?


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To: All employees,

It has been observed very frequently that most of the employees are REGULARLY coming late to office. A few members of the staff have also absented from duty without any prior intimation for reason of their absence.

The management has taken a very serious note of the above.

Please note the following as a strict warning:

(1) LATE COMING : Any Employee’s coming late by more then 05 minutes except 3 time will be marked absent for half the working day and salary will be deducted for the subsequent period.

(2) SHORT LEAVE : Only two (2) short leaves are allowed in a month. The duration of one short leave is two hours. This can be taken any time during a day with prior information to h.r. Department by giving leave application form duly signed by the authorized signatory/H.O.D.

(3) LEAVE APPLICATION : Any employee’s absenting without prior sanction/information will be marked absent for the day, leave applicationmust be given in advance before taking any type of leave to H.R. Department. This leave application is to be signed by the authorized signatory/H.O.D. If any one fails to do so, then absent will be marked and salary for the same will be deducted for the entire absent period. In case of any emergency, the leave shall be granted without any prior information but the person has to submit the leave application form immediately once he resume his duties. In this case a telephone call is mandatory.

All are requested to kindly follow above
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Circular letters are the cycle of business dealings. A circular is a communication meant to convey information of a business firm to customers, business Mends etc. In the course of business, occasions will arise to send out circular letters. The sender aims giving certain information to the public. There are also other ways to communicate or advertise in newspapers or journals.

Generally printed or cyclostyled circular letters have a few advantages such as, less expenses, any number of letters can be posted in a day, to a certain extent the personal meet of the sales agents can be substituted, and the recipient, if interested, may call upon the firm or the sales agent, and so the agent need not wait to have an appointment. The objectives of circular letters are: To obtain publicity for a merchandise, to impress the readers with the facts about the firm and the products, to make the readers more interest in their contents, to attain the confidence of the readers and to stimulate sales.

A circular letter is one that carries a communication to a number of addresses. The basic difference between a circular and a general letter is that, whereas the former is addressed to many persons, the latter is addressed to only one person. Circular letters are to be read by a large number of people, whereas general letters arc personal and private in nature.
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How to write circular to tenants informaing them about the painting work

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