What Is The Format Of Writing An Application Letter?


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The format of writing a letter of application is quite simple and it is also very important that the layout is followed. This is because the company you are applying to work for will consider application letters completed correctly to be better than those that don't follow the standard format. The date should always be included on the letter as this shows the company the time that the applicant took to respond to a job vacancy. The letter should always be addressed to Sir/Madam, unless the name of the person is provided in the job advertisement. If known, the position of the person you are addressing the letter to should also be included. If the job title is known, this should be placed directly under the line stating Dear Sir/Madam. The first paragraph of the body of the letter should include where the vacancy was found, for example in a particular newspaper, or on the internet. The second paragraph should include the qualifications that have been achieved, with the emphasis being given to those that are relevant to the job role. This should be followed by the experience that you have, again with emphasis given to similar responsibilities to the specific job role. In the final paragraph of the main body of the letter you should state that you are available for interview at any time, and that you look forward to hearing from the company. This shows a confidence that you feel that your application is strong enough for the company to offer you an interview. Complete the letter with "Yours truly", and sign and print your name. Remember to include your contact details at the top of the letter, including full name, address and telephone number, as well as, an e-mail address. The most important thing to remember is to be formal as an application letter is effectively a business letter.

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