How To Format A Feasibility Report?


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There is no standard way of formatting a feasibility report as each will be unique to specific companies and will vary depending on the brief it is covering. It is usually just best to format it in a way that allows your report to flow naturally and that makes it more accessible to all those who will consult it.

One way of formatting a feasibility report is to follow a format like this:

- Abstract and Summary - this gives a brief outline of what the report is about and will describe the aims and reasons for it being produced.
- List of contents - this will provide users with a quick reference guide of the topics and areas covered in the report.
- Glossary and Appendices - this is where you can give further information regarding specific language or terms referred to throughout the report. This will help managers or employees with very little technical knowledge to understand more complex details described in the document.
- Introduction - this will include the purpose of the report and what scope you hope to achieve.
- Discussion - any queries or questions from those in attendance can be raised during the discussions section. This will also be the best time to provide evidence and more detail on the issues you have alluded to in the introduction section.
- Conclusions and recommendations - these will generally come out of the issues raised and debated during the discussions section.
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I want to feasibility report of food industries so tail me how I make feasibilty report
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This is a suitable format for a feasibility report:

1. Abstract

2. Summary

3. Contents list (including a separate list of illustrations)

4. Glossary

5. Introduction (purpose and scope)

6. Discussion (the main body providing the evidence - use appendixes if necessary)

7. Conclusions (flowing naturally from the discussion)

8. Recommendations (flowing naturally from the conclusions)

9. References (if necessary)

10. Appendixes

Sometimes sections 1 and 2 are combined.
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I  want a feasability report regarding opening up a new car agency , its suitability and other aspects.

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