How To Start A Report?


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The first thing that you need to do when you start to write a report is to know exactly what it is that you are writing about. This may seem a really obvious thing to say because of course you know what you are writing about - you have an idea, a theme, a title so that bit is the least of your worries. Actually, you may know exactly what you need to write without having a clue what to write and spend hours looking at a blank piece of paper or a computer screen.

If this is where you are at, then spend some time creating a plan of what it is you want to cover in your report. This does not have to be word perfect or have accurate grammar and spelling; it is purely an exercise in getting some focus to your report so that you can construct it properly.

Once you start putting some ideas on paper, you will find that you will think of other things that you want to include quite easily. Perhaps the things that you think of are vital to your report, maybe some of them are just little asides that you would like to include but are not of the same importance as some of your ideas. It doesn’t matter: Write them all down. This exercise will help you turn your vague, fuzzy ideas into something concrete that you can work with. Once you have completed your outline, go over it and number the points that you have made in order of importance and where you would like them to fit into your report. This will help you find a structure to your report so that it flows easily and smoothly.

When you start to write your report, use the introduction to outline what it is you are going to cover - and keep referring to it as you write. This way you will keep yourself on track and your report will have structure and purpose.
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1Prepare an outline. Write an outline on what you would like to do on a piece of paper. There should be at least:
An introduction.
Middle or body section with headings, detailing your research, ideas and discussion. Keep this at about 3 to 5 different topics at the most.
A summary and/or conclusion. Or arguments about the topic to reach your final point of view.

2Research the topic. Get references/information relating to the specific question in hand, to back any points or arguments you want to make. Look online, in encyclopedias, and at the library. Print out or photo copy pages of information and highlight pertinent stuff.
3Add a bibliography. Write or type your bibliography (a listing of your report sources) on a piece of paper or if you have a bibliographic page, write it down on that.
4Write a rough draft. Proofread it and mark your errors clearly. Errors are not only spelling and grammar but also jumbled ideas and missing points.
5Rewrite your report. Add pictures if you would like to or if it enhances the look. Use colored print if it is appropriate for the report.
6Print and check for final errors. Bind the report if it is appropriate, or place in a folder.
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Well, that all depends on what your report is about...
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If you are writing to someone more important than you I suggest that you always keep it respectful if you are writing to a class try and keep it casual and if you are writing to an employee or someone less important than you put as much information into it as possible to show tat you are the boss and no one can do your job better than you.
For example you could start by saying the date, your name and what you report is about then just dive in and start.
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If I am doing a report on bounty paper towel how should I start.
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I need to know how to start a report about a murder story
but how do I start itt ??
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Hello, I need to write a  report to my head teacher, giving advice and suggestion, on what that free land culd be used as, from thoughts I have  suggested that the land can become a garden,that we can have acces to, which is apart of out school. Now, I have to get pen to paper, so has anyone got any suggestions on how I can start this report, and end it ?Also if you could help me on the key elements that I have to include in the report? , Like any tips that you can give out.That will be great

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