How To Start An Essay About Yourself?


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  A good introduction should include
  (1.)an attention-getter,
  such as a startling fact, an anecdote,
  or lines of dialog,
  (2.) your thesis statement indicating
  the intention of your essay, and
  (3.) a brief preview of supporting  
  ideas that will develop your main point.



  The body of an essay usually consists
  of three to five paragraphs (one  
  paragraph for each supporting
  idea). Each paragraph should begin with
  a topic sentence which states the main
  point of that paragraph.
  The following sentences need to support
  your main point.



  The conclusion summarizes the entire
  essay and features a brief restatement
  of your thesis (intention of the essay)
  and main supporting ideas.  
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Mine would be Me and My Scattered Thoughts since I am bipolar lol. It would begin with me explaining bipolar disorder and it would tell about how it affects my life.
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I have the same problem. I'm writing a personal essay about myself to get into highschool. Its about comparing myself to a car... HELP...
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I am having the same
problem only I have to
write about why I should
be in NJHS [ national
junior honor society ]
I'm stumped, my teacher said
start with a question but
I don't know one, I'm having trouble figuring
one out, so I don't know what NJHS do

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