Essay On How To Make Pakistan Strong?


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How can we make Pakistan a strong and great land?
How can we make Pakistan a strong and great land not only for Pakistani but also for rest of the world??

1 By giving, in practical, a slogan Padha likha Pakistan (educated Pakistan)?
2 By cutting the defense budget and spending it in education and research sectors?
3 By supporting the movement of independent judiciary leading by CJ Iftekhar Choadhri?
4 By dealing forcefully with fundamentalists groups?
5 By supporting Imran Khan or an alliance of patriotic and democratic forces?
6 By signing a peace deal with India, not fighting for 50 years?
7 By rejecting current political system and imposing true Islamic laws.
8 By hanging Musharaf so that in future no dictator could dare to violate the constitution?
9 By promoting cultural, tourism and film�s activities, as India is doing?
10 It will not happen!!

Do you have your own idea, please say.

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