How To Write An Essay On An Urdu Topic?


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Writing an essay in Urdu is much the same as writing an essay in any language.

Often, the most difficult part is picking an appropriate topic, so if you're looking for some examples of Urdu topics and how you'd write an essay on them, why not consider the following:

Urdu essay topics
Urdu people tend to be interested in a variety of different subjects. Society, lifestyle, politics, finance, culture, religion, education and relationships are all good subjects for debate.

If none of those suggestions give you any inspiration, you may want to check out an Urdu website to see what kind of topics people are discussing and debating. is a good example of a useful portal on relevant Urdu topics.

Among the topics being debated are:

  • Polio – Types, Effects and Treatment in Pakistan
  • Summer Drinks – Best Drinks for Summer
  • Skin Care Tips During Fasting in Ramadan
  • Health Benefits of Fruit Peels and Vegetables Peel
How to write an essay in Urdu

If you're writing an essay, the main thing to remember is structure.

Here are a few tips:

Start with a clear and concise introduction that mentions what you're going to talk about in the rest of the essay. People often like to use a 'thesis statement', which is a single sentence that sums up the answer to the question your essay will be dealing with.

  • Try to mention all the main points in the introduction very briefly
  • Use subsequent paragraphs to develop these points
  • Begin each paragraph by summarizing the point you're about to make
  • Finish your essay with a brief conclusion answering the essay's question directly.
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