How do I Write an Essay on American Football?


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An essay topic on American Football marks the fandom for the sport and its academic relevance. If you are given one, in this article, you will find five helpful tips from Tutor John W of DoMyEssay for writing an essay on the topic effectively. 

How to Write an Essay on American Football

Football in America has a fascinating history and a massive fandom following it across the continent. Evolved from English Rugby and Soccer, the game has many different rules from global football. It is the most popular sport in America and an intricate part of American culture. Hence, it is understandable if you are asked to write an essay on American Football. 

The process of writing any kind of academic essay is almost similar. However, when it comes to a topic in sports, you need to keep a few pointers in mind. To help you compose an impressive essay on American Football, here are five tips from essay writing experts. And if you still feel unsure, you can take the help of an admission essay writing service to write my essays online for you. 

5 Tips for Writing a Great Essay on American Football

Analyze the Question and Pick a Topic

You are most likely to be given an essay question or prompt. If that’s the case, analyze it properly before selecting a suitable topic. Ensure choosing a topic you feel excited about or are interested to learn. When you select one from various categories around American Football, it is best to narrow it down further. This will help you offer concise arguments and maintain a flow. 

Some of the topic ideas are: 

1. How Has American Football Shaped America’s Sports Culture

2 .Economic Impact of American Football Championships

3. Superstar Effect in American Football: Does Fame Makes a Difference

4. The Necessary Equipment for American Football

Take a Personal Interest in the Topic

Essays are meant to gauge your understanding of the subject. You can’t produce an elaborate piece of writing (an impressive one) without taking an interest in the topic. While it is comparatively easy to write on concepts that are from general subject matters from your syllabus, when it comes to sports, you have to either be fascinated by it or have the willingness to explore the game. 

Hence, it is crucial to learn the basics of American Football and read about iconic matches, popular players, current teams, renowned football clubs, and incredible milestones in football history. This knowledge will come in handy to form opinions and present arguments from a broader perspective. However, if you are hiring an essay service, to write my research papers you can be sure your writer has expertise on the topic.

Figure Out a Central Theme

The central theme is the heart of the essay. This main theme can be summed up in the thesis statement of the essay. It conveys the summary of the argument you are about to make in the rest of your write-up. 

When it comes to working on the main theme of an essay about American Football, ensure that you cross-check facts about your arguments and that your standpoint is relevant to the topic you have chosen. 

Your thesis statement should neither be very broad nor elaborative. Pack the main idea in 1-2 lines. Add this statement at the end of the introduction section. But refrain from narrowing it down too much because you might not gather enough information to support your ideas if the theme is not broad enough. 

Cite References

Credibility is essential for a remarkable essay. Besides, the absence of citations may cost you grades. When you are researching the topic, note down or copy-paste the resources on a separate page. When you include a fact, information, or argument taken from someone else’s work, make sure you add the respective reference in the citations. 

Proper citations save your work from plagiarism, reflect your hard work on the research part, and allow your readers to trace back a source you used in your essay. And if you hire a writer after checking the DoMyEssay review, you can be assured of accurate citations.

Since American Football has significant milestones and historical chronology, one can easily fact-check a piece of information you have included in your essay. 

Keep Your Essay Well-Structured

If your essay lacks structure, all your hard work goes in vain. Because instructors and readers often skip a poorly-structured written piece. Most universities have style guides that you have to adhere to. These guidelines include instructions on the format, citation style, tone, and structure of your paper. But even if you are not handed instructions, a well-placed piece is non-negotiable. 

When you write an essay about American Football, start with an intriguing hook and end the introduction with your thesis statement. Build up your essay with context because your reader may or may not be familiar with the sport. 

Depending upon the topic, share background information briefly. Next, you can move on to developing your argument and providing supporting facts in the following sections. The best research paper writing services follow the Introduction>Body>Conclusion format. 

Final Thoughts

The quality of an essay on American Football will broadly depend on your knowledge of the sport and how well you connect the timelines. The sport has come a long way since it was first played on November 6, 1869, and has evolved a lot. Hence, research thoroughly about your topic and use the above tips to compose an outstanding essay on the subject.

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