How Do I Elaborate An Essay?


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I am applying for monroe college and my essay is less than 250 words , they want me to elaborate on why I want to go to that particular college but I am drawing a blank help!
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Essay writing is not a simple task. We have to be skillful to write an impressive  and outstanding essay. I know a site that helps in writing essays and many presentation works..

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Generally the essay are between 250 words. There are three sections in a essay first introduction, second essay body and third conclusion. In introduction section you have to first write basics about your essay, in body section you have to write briefly about your essay. Conclusion is the short brief of your essay.

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Break it down into paragraphs and explain the core concepts in each one.

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How can I write an essay on my family relations, if I live alone? My parents are now in Wien, they are stuck there because of the pandemic precautions, so I've been studying online for 3 months already and staying at home practically all the time. Can I hire a paper writer online?

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There are 3 parts in an essay: The introduction, the body and the conclusion.
In the introduction, you have to explain the definition of your title, but be brief. Then you have to explain what your essay is about.
In the body, you simply have to develop your points in several paragraphs. Be logical and don't mess the arguments.
Finally in the conclusion, you only have  to make a summary of all the points develop. Here also, be brief.

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