How Much Do I Charge For Writing Someone's Essay?


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Mary Widman answered

If you love your friend, you wouldn't do it at all since you want them to grown, to learn new things and thus you wouldn't take it away from them. By "helping out" today, you ruing their tomorrow.

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David Johnson answered

It depends on the writing service you choose. The price varies and you need to think about the quality of it too.  So, you need to be careful with that. I personally trusted the review of my friend about Marvelous essay service. And you may also try it too

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Darik Majoren answered

You can usually get an idea of how long a typical essay will take you to complete. Than you want to consider the "Service" itself. How specialized is it . . . ANYONE can write an essay, but not as many can write "GOOD ESSAYS" . . . If your essays get constant accolades there is a "Dollar Value" associated.

So, figure out the formula of what you would say your TIME is worth and pair with your niche for writing good essays . . .

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Mark Westbrook answered
First of all I am abhorrent to the idea since this is academic cheating. Doing someone else's essay for them means that they are using economic means to achieve their outcome rather than stretching their intellect enough to understand certain new and interesting ideas. People who think that they can buy their learning are going to come across a serious problem at some point, they aren't going to be prepared for work or life.

There are plenty of websites that they can use to cheat if they wish, why should you help them cheat? If you are found out, why shouldn't this person just roll over on you and give you up too? They've paid, they can do whatever they want.

What's happening is your economic need is being exploited by someone who feels that money is a way to alter situation for them, this is the province of the rich, why should you encourage them!?

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