Do kids still learn cursive or running writing?


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When I was in school we learned the Palmer method of handwriting. It was cursive, we practiced from a rectangular shaped book which contained all the explanations pictures and techniques, and hands on teachers who were expert in the skills of handwriting. Practicing was the hard part. We Used a straight pen with a nib and ink from an inkwell built into the desk, we'd draw circles for hours up and down motions this while re dipping the pen in the ink (before ball point pens. Then alphabet practicing upper and lower cases, the connection of one letter to another then sentences. Everything was an exact science. When done properly our handwriting resembled script, some kids were better than others. This was practiced daily and if we weren't too good at it, were tutored after school. We were also taught how to hold a pencil or pen. I see people today holding one like a knife in their hand. It's supposed to held between the middle, index and thumb. Proper printing and Palmer handwriting was taught almost as an art form. When done correctly, cursive handwriting should resemble the script you see on wedding invitations etc. To this day, I still have a legible flowing cursive hand.
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Jackyll, you have just given away your age...and mine. I was taught the exact same way. That class was the first time I heard the saying, "Practice makes perfect." I have had cashiers in stores comment on how nice my handwriting is.
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We learned cursive writing in my classes..... Which is to say the others learned cursive writing, I gave up when trying to write a Q LOL
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Do kids still learn anything today....especially in the way of writing ? I thought all they did was learn how to text on a phone.....Or type on a computer ?
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Keith Old
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Possibly Midnite.
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All I know is...If we didn't do our practice writing perfectly...the Nuns would smack our hands until we did !!
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It depends on the school and the age group. Most, yes, but some are not getting a complete education.
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As far as I Know they do cursive. Little girl I watch after school, 4th grade, we just practiced cursive. What is "running writing"?
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Yes I think so ...My kids are in the 8th and tenth grade and they write in cursive In their homework assigments and tests.
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They teach cursive here in Texas.  I will say though, that the proper techniques and practice are not taught as they should be.  It is almost done as a after thought type thing...Oh yes, here is something you might need to know.  My grandchildren  were taught cursive and it is just barely legible.  The oldest is in his 2nd year of college and the youngest of the 4 is going into the 3rd grade, the 2 families were in different school districts.  It seems to make not much difference in their writing capabilities.  It is simply not required to be neat and precise...just do the best you can and move on.  My own son is now an adult and making a nice living in a white collar position and I have no idea how his secretary can read what he writes. I can recall all of my grandparent's handwriting (cursive) was actually very pretty.  It is going to soon be a lost art, I am afraid.
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Lots Of Kids Text And Email Now And That's A Shame. I Was Taught Cursive In 1st Grade. People Say I Write Like A Doctor. But I Never Do The Texting Thing I Write Letters With A Pen.. Kids Learn Keyboard On The Computer In First Grade Now.But Teachers Still Teach Cursive My Son Learned Cursive In 2cd Grade  But How To Use A Computer When He Was 5  Now Kids Have PSPs. Cell Phones.. Blackberries  Cause Mom And Dad Work  They Learn To Text Friends  Early.
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The schools here or at least the ones my children went to did very little if any. I had to teach them how to even practice making a signature all their own in cursive. I would teach my children from books i bought at stores showing them how to learn & then practice with them. Its a shame because cur sif writing is actually very pretty when taught properly.
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Yea they do b ut i think they are learning how to use the computer much more then actual writing.
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It was cursive writing when i was at school,we were even taught how to spell,a part of the school curriculum which seems to me to have gone.Sadly in my opinion

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